News about new features in MemSec EPoS products or forthcoming events, as well as general information.

Paymentsense is now Dojo

It’s now over 5 years since we were first able to offer integrated card payments in conjunction with PaymentSense. Both we and they have evolved quite a bit since then, and so has the combined offering.

PaymentSense used to rely on third parties for the payment processing part of their card transactions. They’ve now brought this in-house, and have consequently rebranded as Dojo. This has allowed them much greater control over the entire process, meaning faster, more efficient card processing and settlement. Next-day settlement is now standard for all customers, by 10am, 7 days a week.

The terminals have also evolved, so that Dojo now use more modern, Android-based terminals that are much easier to set up, use and understand. These terminals provide point-to-point encryption for greater security and fully support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. They also allow both Pay-at-Counter and Pay-at-Table integrations on the same device, so you can potentially save on rentals too.

Looking to the future, we’re working with Dojo on a combined order and payment handheld device, which will mean fewer devices for you to have to maintain and a much simpler process for settling tabs at the table. This uses a new technique called Tap and PIN, so that instead of inserting their card into the device, customers simply tap as they would for a contactless payment. If the transaction is over the contactless limit, they’re then asked to enter their PIN on the device’s touch screen.

Dojo will still offer to buy you out of your existing contract, up to the value of £3000, and can offer contracts of their own with short or even monthly-rolling terms. Integration means less time spent taking payments and then recording them on the till, and fewer errors as there’s no need to key in amounts. If you’d like a quote from Dojo, please call us on 01245 408030 and we’ll pass your details onto them.

Get ready for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup this year is being held in Qatar. Normally this tournament is held in the summer, outside our normal football season, but Qatar at that time of year is simply too hot. Instead, we have our first winter World Cup, coinciding with the run-up to Christmas.In this post we’re going to share some ideas on how Memsec7 can help you make the most of the opportunities this presents.

Timed Promotions

A popular way of encouraging customers to watch games in your venue is to offer cheaper pints or other drinks during games. Here’s a list of the games England and Wales will be playing in the group stage. They’re grouped together in Group B, with the top 2 from each group progressing to the last 16.

Monday 21st November

K.O. 13:00 GMT – England vs Iran

K.O. 19:00 GMT – USA vs Wales

Friday 25th November

K.O. 13:00 GMT -Wales vs Iran

K.O. 19:00 GMT – England vs USA

Tuesday 29th November

K.O. 19:00 GMT – Wales vs England

Saturday 3rd December

K.O. 15:00 GMT – Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B

Sunday 4th December

K.O. 19:00 GMT – Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A

If you want to put on an offer just for those times you can do so now, using the Promotions feature of Memsec7. When you add a new promotion, you’ll see this screen;

shows date range screen in new promotion

Set the master date range at the top then click on ‘Specific Dates’. Here you can enter the dates above, and the promtion will then only apply during those dates.

shows new promotion date range screen with specific dates set as above


Manage Space

One potential downside to a winter World Cup is that customers won’t be quite so keen to watch matches outside your venue in the beer garden or terrace. With this being an already busier time of year, you may need to manage space inside so that you can keep both the football fans and the ordinary diners/drinkers happy. Booking tables could be the solution here. Memsec7 offers an optional Restaurant Bookings module that lets you configure different types of session for different times and areas. You can have bookings on-site and online, and you can set different durations for the different types of booking. You can even take deposits with your bookings, helping to reduce no-shows. Call us if you’d like to know more.


Online Ordering

While people are watching football, they may be less inclined to queue at the bar for their next drink in case they miss a goal. With online ordering built into Memsec7 you can offer them table service so that they keep spending without missing a kick. You can even link this to an online payment facility so that they pay on ordering, helping speed up service and reducing cash management requirements. Click here for more info.


Controversial though it may be in many ways, the Qatar World Cup is going to be a big event for the hospitality industry, and with Memsec7 you can really make the most of it.


Reduce no-shows

EPoS order at table app

Fire! Quick, who’s here & who’s missing?

MemSec EPoS & psConnect

We’re delighted to announce that MemSec 7 can now be connected to credit card terminals from PaymentSense via their psConnect solutions to provide fully integrated card payments.

Having completed the integration in record time and to an exacting standard we’re now in a position to let our customers know about this exciting new enhancement. In its simplest form this integration sends the amount to be paid directly to the card terminal that’s next to your till when the customer is paying at the counter. The terminal handles the transaction and sends back confirmation of the payment. If you need to be able to take the terminal to your customer at their table then the pay-at-table features of this integration will make your life so much easier you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. You can print the bill off at the table direct from the card machine and as soon as it’s paid on the terminal the tab is cleared on the till for you.

Both solutions support chip & pin and contactless payments, meaning that your customers can pay with their phones or watches as well as their cards. Receipts can be printed either on the pin pad or your till receipt printer and with the pay at table solution things like tips, splitting the bill and even part payment by cash are very easily handled. All transactions are processed over the Internet, so minimising the time taken.

PaymentSense promise to match your current pricing for card processing and may even be able to contribute to any costs you incur in switching. To find out more, see the page on our website here or click the links above. If you’d like a quote, call, email or contact us here and we’ll put you in touch with your local PaymentSense representative. You can find out more about PaymentSense here.


Online Table Bookings

Booking a table is something more and more of us are doing via the Internet. We may still use our phones but to browse rather than to call! Up until recently the only way to allow your customers to make online restaurant bookings in your restaurant or pub was to use a generic booking site. That’s all well and good, and if you’re in a busy city-centre location those sites may generate extra business for you but generally your online bookings will be made by people visiting your own website.

If you currently pay for a listing on a booking site you’ll know that as well as a hefty monthly fee you also have to pay as much as £2 for every cover they send your way. Whilst it may only take one or two bookings per month to pay for that service, it’s still money in their pocket rather than yours.

Enter MemSec Bookings. We offer a comprehensive booking system that’s not just linked to your EPoS system but is actually part of it, meaning that deposits, notes and history all transfer from booking to table effortlessly. There’s no need for an extra laptop or tablet to manage bookings on site as it’s all on the till, handheld waiter tablet or back office computer. You can even take deposits over the phone in the office and link them to a booking. Online restaurant bookings become easier and more affordable and save your staff time. They’ll also be able to see more information about your customers, enabling them to provide better service.

Our monthly licence fee and cover charge are much lower than popular booking sites. We’ll even help you or your web designers to build it into your website. So why not get in touch and ask for a demonstration?