Of all the fires in commercial premises in the UK since 2010, close on 20% happened in hospitality venues*. If a fire happens in your premises your first consideration will be the safety of your customers and staff.

Customers are normally congregated in the same place, normally close to a fire exit. Staff aren’t usually so closely located and so it’s useful to know which members of staff are on the premises at any given time.

It’s in response to this concern from one of our customers that we’ve introduced a new report to the till side of Memsec7. You can now get a printout of who’s currently clocked in and who’s clocked out in the last hour. Simply log on to the till and go to Menus>Reports. You’ll see a ‘Staff Clocked In’ button which will display the list of staff on the screen and give you the option to print the report to the receipt printer.

However, in a real emergency every second counts. Therefore we have also built in a switch to include a quick access button for this report. With this switch selected you simply press and hold for 1 second on ‘Please Log On’ at the top of the till screen, then press the quick print button that appears above the on-screen keyboard.

* analysis of UK Government statistics available from https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/fire-statistics-incident-level-datasets ‘Other building fires dataset’