EPoS Order at Table App

When using our epos order at table app your customer will find a table, sit down, browse to your web page on their device and browse the food and drinks menus

  • It looks like an App but is web page driven and will work on any tech that can see your web page!
  • Order drink and food with cooking instructions and extra requirements
  • State their location
  • Pay now or later whatever your venue requires

Records name and contact email address for tracing if this becomes necessary.

Online Ordering App

The Government have announced that Pubs & Restaurants can open from the 4th July and that social distancing will be recommending the “one metre plus” rule. It further recommends that Order At Table Apps should be utilised and MemSec have been developing just a solution linked and controlled from your familiar MemSec7 EPoS system. So don’t panic!