shows contactless card payment on a Dojo terminal

Paymentsense is now Dojo

It’s now over 5 years since we were first able to offer integrated card payments in conjunction with PaymentSense. Both we and they have evolved quite a bit since then, and so has the combined offering.

PaymentSense used to rely on third parties for the payment processing part of their card transactions. They’ve now brought this in-house, and have consequently rebranded as Dojo. This has allowed them much greater control over the entire process, meaning faster, more efficient card processing and settlement. Next-day settlement is now standard for all customers, by 10am, 7 days a week.

The terminals have also evolved, so that Dojo now use more modern, Android-based terminals that are much easier to set up, use and understand. These terminals provide point-to-point encryption for greater security and fully support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. They also allow both Pay-at-Counter and Pay-at-Table integrations on the same device, so you can potentially save on rentals too.

Looking to the future, we’re working with Dojo on a combined order and payment handheld device, which will mean fewer devices for you to have to maintain and a much simpler process for settling tabs at the table. This uses a new technique called Tap and PIN, so that instead of inserting their card into the device, customers simply tap as they would for a contactless payment. If the transaction is over the contactless limit, they’re then asked to enter their PIN on the device’s touch screen.

Dojo will still offer to buy you out of your existing contract, up to the value of £3000, and can offer contracts of their own with short or even monthly-rolling terms. Integration means less time spent taking payments and then recording them on the till, and fewer errors as there’s no need to key in amounts. If you’d like a quote from Dojo, please call us on 01245 408030 and we’ll pass your details onto them.