Posts in this category aim to provide some insight into how to perform common functions in MemSec EPoS systems.

How To: New website support section

We’ve been adding blog posts here from time to time on how to do various tasks within your Memsec system. Hopefully you’ve seen these and found them useful. However, this blog format isn’t ideal for the number of pages we have and more to the point plan to have, so we’ve created a whole new ‘How To’ section of our website dedicated to this subject. You’ll find it here, or via the support page. We’ve also added a section about our various reports, where to find them and what they show. If you have a topic within the system that you’d like to see a guide to, please let us know using the contact page.

Stocktaking Guides

Stocktaking is included as standard in all versions of MemSec EPoS. It’s always been the case that relatively few customers use the full capacity of the system (of any system!) but until now there hasn’t been comprehensive reference material to help anyone who wants to start.

We’ve now published on this site a set of stocktaking guides for all our customers to help you make sure that everything is set up in such a way as to make stocktaking using your MemSec EPoS system as straight forward as possible. They cover all aspects of the stock system from creating categories and products through to making deliveries, returning stock and of course performing the stocktakes themselves.

Most of our customers will need to use the Memsec7 versions of the guides here.

If you’re in a cue-sports venue or other site still using Memsec EPoS version 6xx, please click here.

As is stressed throughout the guides, they’re in no way intended to be a substitute for the live assistance we provide as part of your licence & support fee, but rather as a supplement to that facility. Please therefore use the guides to help you understand more about how your system needs to be configured for stocktaking to work but do also call or email us for help.